Magic Moments with Mo Carroll

Fridays 7pm-11pm

Program Description

Mo covers a range of nostalgic music and genres that are popular with GDR listeners and close to her heart. This year in true GDR mission context, she has brought in her passion for folk music.

This holds special significance for Mo as a lifelong exponent of authentic folk music (guitar and vocal), so she particularly delights in the opportunity to add a generous sprinkling from her own folk music collection and ongoing research. Listener feedback has generously complimented and inspired her play choices.

7pm – GDR Music That Lives Forever

8pm – Forever Folk: a fusion of folk music from around the world, often combined in intriguing ways; a program of discovery not only for those who love the genre but also for those who didn’t even know they loved it!

9pm – As Time Goes By  – presented by George Rolfe

9.30pm – Spotlight on Folk: Artist of the Week

10pm – Reminiscing: Music That Lives Forever

Presenter Profile – Mo Carroll

How did you first connect with GDR?

I am an exponent of authentic folk music (Irish/Scottish/guitar/vocal),

For some time, a friend had been telling me about GDR and when I finally tuned in, the first song I heard was the lovely Irish singer Ruby Murray singing ‘Softly Softly’. I was instantly hooked because it took me right back to my childhood in Glasgow, listening to the Sunday night Top 20 on Radio Luxembourg and warm memories of my Irish granny who taught me the history of Ireland through song. She was an adoring fan of Ruby Murray.

Why did you want to be a presenter?

With a career track record teaching children, for some time now I have been looking for a passionate and worthwhile senior community interest that I could sustain. I believe I have found it. My Irish granny would have championed Golden Days Radio as a community hero. We know that music has the power to bring peace and joy and inspire miracles when nothing else can. What better way than Golden Days Radio to achieve that.

What experience do you want to give your listeners?

Golden Days music has magical ways to make you smile and brighten your days.

Golden Days Radio already offers old time nostalgic music that has automatic appeal to seniors and all age groups. I believe I am lucky to have musical empathy with people young and old.