About us

The GDR story

Almost thirty years ago, a man named Dom Iacono registered an Expression of Interest with the Auporntube com download minecraft girls nakedstralian Broadcasting Tribunal for a ‘special interest license’ that would cater to those above the age of 50.

To help his cause, Dom started placing advertisements in suburban newspapers, looking specifically for people who shared his ideas and wanted to become a part of this associporntube com download minecraft girls nakedation.

The very first meeting of GDR 95.7fm took place at the Bentleigh RSL where Dom invited Colonel Williams, who had applied for a license on behalf of the war veteran community, to join this group.

Soon, they got Jack Burgesson, the then station engineer at 3SCB Moorabbin to form a steering committee and by early 1992, GDR had 40 members on board.

This led the team to apply for a test license, and in September 1992, the first test broadcasts went live for a whole week, up to 10 hours per day.

But, as with any success story, GDR faced its fair share of hiccups on the way to what it has become today. Soon, after GDR’s establishment, the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal was converted to the Australian Broadcasting Authority, which led to a change in community broadcasting licensing.

This caused a considerable delay before GDR got its full license, but finally, in 2001, we received our full license, which meant we could broadcast 24/7, every single day of the week.

But, last but not the least, with the support of our patron, Pete Smith (OAM) we have grown bigger, and better over the years.

What is GDR?

At GDR 95.7fm, you get to experience a music format with a broad appeal crafted with careful curation of music from the 1930s to 1980s.

Here, we cater to the void left behind by the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia in our hearts and minds.

If you like evergreen classics and music that has an excellent lyrical and melodic quality, then you are in the right place.

Vision Statement

To be the primary provider of broadcast services to 50+ citizens by delivering music that evokes memories and is of good melodic quality together with information, delivered on a range of platforms that include the broadcast bands of FM and Digital as well as internet-based services.

Mission Statement

To promote, on community radio, good, melodic music that has relevance to 50+ citizens together with information that has broad appeal for people of any age, but in particular the senior members of our community.