Toe Tappers of the 30s-50s with Ian McLeod

Wednesdays 7.40-11pm

Program Description

The basic framework of this program is the ‘toe tapping’ tunes from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, with special reference to the golden age of the British Dance Bands.

All the classic sounds of the day – Jack Hilton, Ray Noble, Lew Stone, Carroll Gibbons and Al Bowlly.

In between, we have a regular ‘Theatre Organ” spot which precedes the weekly MGM soundtrack selection.

After the 10pm news, we relax into a romantic frenzy with the ‘inner sanctum’ of the very best of romantic music from around the world, plus a flavouring of classical favourites .

Presenter Profile – Ian McLeod

How did you first connect with GDR?

I was semi retired and thought it a good idea to be a volunteer in this wonderful world of music nostalgia.

I was asked to ‘fill in ‘ as a presenter over the Christmas period for a three week period and – have subsequently been filling for the past eight years !!

Why did you want to be a presenter?

I guess it stems back to my leaving school in the late 50s. I only ever wanted to work in a cinema or a radio station. Both options were unthinkable – so I finished up with a career in retail. Maybe I got it the wrong way around? But I now realise, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you do it!

What experience do you want to give your listeners?

Purely to share these wonderful musical memoirs with like minded people. At the same time, hopefully bringing pleasure to many lonely listeners who rely on music as a means of inspiration and relaxation.