Monday Afternoon with Peter Thomas

Mondays 1pm-4pm

Program Description

Monday afternoons offer a musical cocktail featuring some of the greatest songs ever written and performed by extraordinary artists. Timeless songs from the ‘Great American Songbook’, Australian ballads, laid-back listening from the 50s, 60s and 70s the familiar GDR95.7fm playlist that our listeners enjoy.

Sometimes the menu is infused with soft rock combined with elements of rhythm and blues, mainstream country and easy listening swing, Motown and 60s doo-wop.

At 3.30pm the music stops for the celebrated Australian radio drama, “Nightbeat” where reporter Randy Stone of the newspaper The Daily seeks out the story behind the stories for his regular newspaper column.

Presenter Profile – Peter Thomas

How did you first connect with GDR?

Having recently retired from a life-time in radio and television I was an inveterate dial twister so naturally when I landed on 95.7FM I was intrigued and delighted by a program format that presented music that was unavailable elsewhere. I listened for a few years before I finally took the plunge and contacted the station to see if my experience could be of assistance.

Why did you want to be a presenter?

Having been on-air in the broadcast industry since I was a young man it was only natural for me to seek out a presenting role in retirement. Some retirees play golf, I have returned to my passion! Although like all the volunteer presenters here at Golden Days Radio I am a Senior I still have a lot to learn about broadcast arts and core radio communication skills.

What experience do you want to give your listeners?

I want to engage each listener so that s/he feels genuinely connected to the music and to the presentation. If every listener has the experience that we are communicating one-to-one and by doing so appreciates that they are an important part of the Golden Days Radio community, we have accomplished our communication’s task. When a listener feels ownership of the program and of the station we have done our job!